Mercedes 220S W180

"The Snow White"

Mercedes Benz
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The Snow White is a 1957 Mercedes Benz 220S, well known for its 7cm longer body than all other Pontons.

It was produced only for three years between June 1956 and October 1959, to the tune of some 55,279 pieces. And than I came along on 3rd October 1959 and I supose many other cars as well.

With its mighty 6 cylinder, petrol-fueled 2195cc enginE, TWIN BARREL CARBS, it was capable of cruising with speed of 100kmh. STILL IS!

Three different versions were produced: sedan, convertible and coupe. If you are looking for the later two, than you are on the wrong page.

The "Snow White" is an ideal restoration project for the keen builder and therefore it is offered in such a state.


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