Is your work force lacking one more person for a specific job?

If you only need intermittent support locally or remotely, our Ad Hoc services are the perfect fit. This could be any type of support. We will work with you to define your needs and create a service plan that makes sense for you.


Very often your HR department runs into a dogma of “to hire or not to hire”.

Your work load has suddenly become bigger or you are just not seeing it all. Fresh pair of eyes needed?

The right time to call non-biased job pertinent specialists to fill in the position.

Often, the small ad-hoc projects can be undertaken remotely any time or in your West London premises.

Professional services – IT services and specialist  – play an important role both in generating value directly but also in enabling value creation in other sectors. Enhancing these sectors creates additional value therefore has a significant benefit to the organisation. 

  • How do the professional services develop their human resources capabilities to deliver value to current and potentially new customers?
  • Organise your staff to maximise creativity and productivity? Enhance the focus on team-working, knowledge sharing, open innovation.
  • This has implications for strategy and potentially for skills and HR policy.

We undertake ad hoc projects as required and work outside normal working hours when required.

We have also undertaken ad-hoc projects for organisations when they needed an independent view of their specification values.

Please tell us what you need