Almost since appearance of Apple products on the market the genuine 7″ screen classic computers for you who remember, we have been involved in the evolution and grew with Apple products to reach today to the stage where we are able to help you in resolving any issues with your hardware, software and most important with your migration or integration with and from PC platforms.

Whether you need to connect an Apple computer to a PC network, or a peer to peer (machine to machine) or simply transfer your data from your old computers to new Apple computer or devices – WE ARE HERE TO HELP you transfer all the PC files to Mac (Apple) in no time.

We specialise in:


Outlook synchronisation
  • Data Transfers
Sharing Folders
Screen sharing
  • Apple tuition

We are APPLE orientated and we offering all the necessary help in order to set your latest gadget into a perfect sync with your Apple Mac’s or indeed with PC.

If you have trouble setting up your new iPhone, your iPad, Mac computer, APPLE devices we can help. Sync your existing Apple or PC based database, contacts, music with your new iPhone.
We can advise and help.

In one WORD – If you are moving from PC to Apple – WE CAN HELP. This is APPLE WORLD HELP.